Heron Habitat Helpers

April 4 - 1:00 -3:00 PM
Meet the Herons with HHH Naturalists

Flying through the air with the regal grace of a prehistoric creature, the Great Blue Heron has returned to Commodore Park. Using telescopes, join HHH in observing Great Blue Herons in over 50 nests as they protect their territory, incubate eggs, and fly in search of food. This FUN FREE EVENT for all ages is open to all!

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Photos from our Heron Gallery

Here are some photos taken a few years back by a local photographer named Mike Hamilton. His photos are available on another website (see www.mikehamilton.biz), but he has graciously given us permission to publish some of his work.

photo of Great Blue Heron by Mike Hamilton © photo of Great Blue Heron by Mike Hamilton ©

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